Tuesday, May 18, 2010

eliza june.

you might remember eliza as a bump i must say i was super excited to photograph her for the second time (i had been following her ma's blog since she was 3 weeks old in the womb and shel and i have been friends for years!) because eliza lives in georgia i never really knew when i would get the chance...luckily shel decided to take a trip to the midwest and we made lunch plans and of course my camera came with me! here is the result of sitting her in some grass outside the restraunt...
she gets those lashes from her daddy.
8 months of waiting and the kid sticks her tongue out at me

luckily sticking your tongue out is cute at her age...

seriouslly... how cute is she?!!!

laughing with her ma.
3 generations.

eliza june... it was so fun meeting you... i hope that i get a chance to capture you again soon - next time bring daddy - i promise to get him smile!... luckily your ma takes pictures like its her job - so i am sure i will stay updated... shel i am so proud to call you friend, your family is beautiful and i look forward to watching it grow!

Monday, May 3, 2010


cute baby gauge... just look at those blue eyes!

anna and kedric

anna and i have been friends for over 20 years... i remember times when we would pretend to what it would be like to have husbands... we would have talks about what our lives would be like someday...well anna's someday has arrived! i was so excited to shoot their engaggment shoot last weekend... it was a PERFECT cloudy day and the rain held until we got back in the car to drive home... here's just a few

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