Monday, June 29, 2009

ashley and zach.

this past weekend two friends from college got married... and it was beautiful and silly all at the same time... from ashley's dad's heartful tears as he handed her to zach (but not before handcuffing her to himself - then asking zach to unlock him!!!), zach's word's saying "i love you more today then yesterday, but less than tomorrow", and ashley singing to her groom "i'm not lonley anymore"... these two truly reflect God's love through their love for eachother... i am confident they are going to do amazing things in this world...congrats ashley and zach!!!
so i was not their photographer and i decided that i would leave my camera gear at home - but i could not resist getting some shots with my point and shoot as they walked into married life in a sea of bubbles...

Monday, June 8, 2009

baby cadence

i think if i had waited any longer to post these cadence's mommy would have burst! so here you go amber, some of my favs...

cadence - thanks for being a reminder of how big our God is.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

baby cadence

if you had never met her... you might not know that you are looking at a miracle... really... this little girl was just over a pound when she made her debute in this world... people prayed... she fought... people prayed more... and finally she came home... and lives here living proof that miracles still happen...
cadence - thank you for letting me photograph you - you did great! and i look forward to many more shoots with you! i promise to post more of you soon - but here's one so your mommy doesn't go crazy!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

shel and james.

so this morning i was checking in on some of my favorite blogs and i saw that shel and her solider boy james where celebrating 10 months today. so i looked to see if i had any pictures left that i had not yet posted (i went as a friend - but of course grabbed some shots...). luckily there where ... i love this shot because you can tell james is so ready to be done with pictures, but he loves her so he smiles. shel much like myself never can have enough pictures...
love you both! (and little miss bean!!!)