Friday, December 10, 2010

fort wayne indiana senior portraits: caitlin

caitlin and i go way back... she was my camper when i was a counselor up at camp... fast forward a couple years and she was in the youth group i directed.  during my time there we went
on two mission trips together (tijuana and vegas - woo hoo)... and have had countless conversations about life and faith... i was so pumped when i got the call to shoot her senior photos... i had a blast with her and her mom going around town to captures her final moments at clhs... here are some of my favorites....

 caitlin... i am so proud of the woman you are becoming  and cannot wait to see what God has in store for your future!

Monday, November 8, 2010

fort wayne indiana wedding photography ~ lexi

ahhhh my bride from texas... all the way in and we took advantage!  we spent the day heading around town looking for the perfect orange tree... we found in - 5 minutes after she had changed out of her dress ... no worries, she put it back on... lexi from brick, green trees, and finally your orange leaves amid purple flowers you glowed.  cannot wait to see you slip that dress on for real.

sorry people... this is all you get.... we cannot risk jason seeing the dress...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

fort wayne indiana family photos ~ grace, mitch, & emily

i know their mom ... she's kind and generous... super encouraging... and is such a support in this whole photography adventure... and so when she asked - i jumped at the chance to shoot her kids... who like her are kind... funny.. and dont complain when its cold and i say " okay... just a couple more and then i promise we can go inside"
 look out ladies...
 grace - lives up to her name in every way
 little miss emily... aka little miss "loves to pose"

 one of my favs.

grace, mitch, and emily - you guys are AWESOME!  thank you so much for rocking out the photo shoot with me - i cannot wait to do it again!  maybe next time we'll bring your parents!

Monday, October 25, 2010

fort wayne indiana wedding photography ~ jessica & peter

i met jessica over a year ago... and then did not hear from her... until a few weeks ago... "hey catie, remember me..."  i did and then we met again... and made some plans... on a crispy fall day i finally met her peter and a dog they call kitty.

grass shots always end of being my fav...

 jessica's son also came along... it was hard but i got a few smiles out of him...

 oh kitty...
 do not let the sweet looks in the next two pictures fool you...'s the other side of peter...which always breaks jessica into laughter...

oh jessica... you are going to make a beautiful bride...

let the may 27th countdown begin!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

fort wayne indiana wedding photography ~ anna & kedric : after i do

she is my oldest friend... there are some many memories and countless stories... but what i remember most is how we would always have "pretend husbands" when our families would go out to eat - we'd ask for our own table and then pretend they were with us or if it what a table for two we pretend they were at home with the kids...embarassing i know... but like most little girls we dreamed of our prince charmings and earlier this summer i am happy to report - anna no longer needs a pretend husband... kedric has found her... i was asked to shoot the wedding but i decided to attend as her friend - not her photographer (okay i brought my camera - but i did not shoot the whole thing :-) ) ... however as a wedding gift i shot an after i do session...

gritty... but i like it.

isn't she so pretty?

they are very good at this pose... even better a few inches closer... ;-)

my favorite from the day....

anna - i am so excited for you friend!  God has blessed you with such a wonderful man - who is living and breathing - woo hoo!  i look foward to many more memories together! 
kedric - its so amazing to see God's plan - you have been prayed/wished for since i have known anna (over 20 years!).  i am confident that my friend is in good hands and cannot wait to have lots of game nights with you!

love you both!