Saturday, February 23, 2013

{wayne & haley}

it started with a post-it note .

wayne saw haley working in her sister's classroom and wanted to know more.
 so he left her his name,number, and simple:  

"call me."

haley took a chance and called.

the rest is history. 


blessings you two!

 dj:  quattro systems  - we love these guys!    brides book them today!

{shawn & ashley}

it had been 2001 days since the beginnings of love... 

i looked at ashley and said, "shawn is a good guy... a really good guy..."

she smiled, "yeah he is..."  tears in her eyes... 

wishing you two thousands more.

  location : goegleins's homestead 
  flowers:  flowers of canterbury

{lauren& anna}

best way to make a senior session fun (besides booking catie's captures) ????!!!


had such a blast with you girls! 

{amber & brady}

for these two love bloomed in the most likely of places... work.

while old men flirted with amber (they worked at richard's - the restaurant where you are required to start eating at once you celebrate your 75th birthday)...
 brady who caught her eye and stole her heart...