Thursday, May 31, 2012

{garret & kelly}

he turned around to see his bride for the first time... as he walked towards her,  he put his arms around her  and whispered, "thanks for showing up."  simple ... sweet... and speaks volumes about marriage... something they knew on the first day.  
 that marriage is about the choice to show up... always. every single day.  til death parts you.

i just love these two.  here are some favorites.

if you ask her dad he'll tell you... kelly is his favorite.


 many blessings you two.


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{tiffany & b.j.}

the day was as tiffany called it on facebook, "chilli." (serious.  and then when we corrected her, she simply laughed and in her sweet southern voice said, "i am a terrible speller).  however everyone attending was kept warm but watching these two high school sweethearts promise "til death do us part."  a few posts earlier i shared the story of how it all began.   so for their wedding i'll share some words from their first dance that sum it up well..

"are you gonna kiss me or not... are we gonna do this or what.. .
i think you know i love you a lot...
i think we've got a real good shot...

.... so we planned it all out ... from the wedding cake to the honeymoon...
and when the preacherman said say, "i do."  i did, and you did, too...

look at all the love that we've got... it ain't never gonna stop... "

tiffany & bj,   thank you so much for bringing us south!   we LOVED it!
God's blessings


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{kelli & fabio}

once upon a time two people an ocean apart met online... and started writing. .. they fell in love..  a couple of airplane rides later... they got engaged... a wedding was planned and all was well.  then everything stopped.  a visa mix up forced them to be an ocean apart once again... but a love like their's prevailed.  they pressed on...and finally a year after their original date, they made it all official.    i love how the pastor put it when he said, "there is nothing more seperating you, " and if you spend 3 minutes with them you know nothing ever will.

these flowers are thanks to forever friends.  check them out!

amazing party.   thanks to the orchid and quatro systems

moh.  this girl should be a professional toast giver.  best toast - ever.

kelli & fabio.  thank you for being such an inspiration to what it means to fight for love.  God's blessings on your forever.


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{amanda & mike}

there is a line in most wedding vows that states, "in sickness & in health."   these two know better than anyone about the whole sickness part.  the word no one ever wants a doctor to say to them was said to amanda, "cancer."  in a moment her life was changed.  yet one thing remained the same, mike.  always by her side - no matter what... then during a carriage ride in downtown indy amanda's life changed again... this time for all the right reasons.  mike asked a question and she said, "yes." 

now cancer free... all that is left to do is live heathy ever after...

i am so excited to capture these two during this time in their lives... here we were last fall...

i am a terrible blogger...

no excuse.   tons of reasons.   get ready for catch up.   i will not even post-date them.   we like to keep it real here.   alright, enough with the "i am going to catch up post"  on to actually catching up...