Thursday, May 31, 2012

{tiffany & b.j.}

the day was as tiffany called it on facebook, "chilli." (serious.  and then when we corrected her, she simply laughed and in her sweet southern voice said, "i am a terrible speller).  however everyone attending was kept warm but watching these two high school sweethearts promise "til death do us part."  a few posts earlier i shared the story of how it all began.   so for their wedding i'll share some words from their first dance that sum it up well..

"are you gonna kiss me or not... are we gonna do this or what.. .
i think you know i love you a lot...
i think we've got a real good shot...

.... so we planned it all out ... from the wedding cake to the honeymoon...
and when the preacherman said say, "i do."  i did, and you did, too...

look at all the love that we've got... it ain't never gonna stop... "

tiffany & bj,   thank you so much for bringing us south!   we LOVED it!
God's blessings


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Tiffany Burns said...

Catie, thank you so much for being there on my wedding day. I was truly blessed to have found you to be my photographer. It was great having you there from the time I got ready, to the end of the reception. Now we have all of these beautiful photographs that we will get to cherish for the rest of our lives. Thank you again for capturing “US”

With Love,
Tiffany & BJ