Friday, April 29, 2011


if you have had your t.v. turned on any time today... you know what today is...  today is a royal wedding.  i of course was glued to the t.v. - once i got in front of one (i do not have t.v. at my house)... kate looked beautiful... timeless... stunning.  william... that uniform made him look like a prince out of a fairytale...
my mom and i have talked multiple times today... the last call was about... "do you think we could add those kind of sleeves to my dress?  her veil - i think that would make a perfect reception veil... " 
and now as i sit in a cafe i think... lucky me... i found my prince too.  with my own nuptials less than 3 months away i watch the royal couple and think, "soon its my turn"... granted i will not have millions watching (thank goodness!)... we do not have a 34 million dollar budget (seriouslly?) ... i will not wear a tiara of diamonds  - but am in search a a cool vintage headpiece if anyone knows wear to find one... and i will not become queen one day... however... i will be surrounded by people i love.  i will have the CUTEST flower girls and ring bears EVER... my dress will be the most beautiful i ever wear... and the groom - is my prince.  my helpmate... my love.

but bigger than that - i am already a princess.  last sunday we celebrated easter... we celebrated Jesus.  the man who is our Savior.  who left His throne to lay in a feeding troth.  who handed over his crown - to be nailed to a cross... but the story did not end with the grave... Jesus rose from the grave.  beat death.  and washed my sin away.  making my a part of the royal family.

so here's my question... as you sit today and marvel over a royal wedding...  to you have a seat in the biggest royal party yet to come?  have to allowed Christ to make you a prince or princess?  and if not why?  why do you accept a common life - when a royal one is waiting for you...

Sunday, April 17, 2011

april showers...

show no signs of going away... so here's some flowers... in the hope they are right around the corner