Sunday, April 8, 2012


i once heard of a story about a little boy named jonny... jonny suffered from a disease which limited how much he understood in school... and then one day the teacher gave an assignment... "here is an easter egg. tonight take it home and fill it with something that reminds you of easter..." the next day all the children where excited to show what they had filled their eggs with... some had chocolates... jelly beans... chicks... bunnies... you name it...once each showed what was in their egg they shared with the class why they had chosen that item... then the teacher open jonny's ... empty. assuming he did not understand she quickly moved on to the next student so he was not embarassed... "but teacher... you did not let me share..." "its okay you didn't understand jonny..." "but teacher..." "jonny, its alright, please sit down." "BUT TEACHER - THE TOMB WAS EMPTY."

enjoy the egg hunts today. be blessed by having family around. stuff yourself silly with good food. but remember... today is the best day because Jesus conquered death... today is the day we celebrate that fact that we are reconciled to God.  we are His.  we will spend eternity with Him if we claim Christ's VICTORY as our own.  it's yours for the taking. 

 question is... will you?