Monday, December 31, 2012

... looking back... moving forward...

looking back over the year i can hardly believe how life has changed.   how much i have grown... personally.  professionally... and yet when i read last year's jan 3rd post... i feel like i have done nothing!   how funny that is... we start the year with so many plans... and then life happens... we get busy... we forget... or we decide other things are more important... so for this years last post... i am going back to almost a year ago... because i had great ideas... and i want to try harder...

take more pictures - when i am not getting paid. you would think i took pictures all the time in our normal everyday life... but i do not! this year it is going to change - okay okay... i did do better at that...
be healthy. eat better & exercise. blog about my progress - for real this year.   get ready blog world... one day a week you will get an update...

set aside time for spiritual growth everyday - now that i am home full time there is no more excuse.   plus i want to dive deeper.
stop comparing myself to others. personally & professionally -any girl who has learned to do this - CALL ME

organize - worked on it!
simplify - threw stuff away!
spend more time with people i love - check.   but i want more time.

blog more... maybe even everyday... except on sunday. sunday is for church & rest - oh the blog... i really really really want to do better.... and i PROMISE over the next few weeks i will catch up ...i do blame facebook a bit - i was AWESOME at posting pictures.... i just need to write the stories too...  

laugh more - we did laugh a lot.  

love better - ahhhh... its a choice...and i can always do better.

pray big - God is so so so wonderful... i prayed big and am so humbled by His anwsers...excited to see what the year holds...
so maybe i did not do too bad... but i think dec 31st is a good time to mark a line in the stand...
a time to look back and be proud
a time to move forward and say, "i think i can do even better."
us at a wedding.  we should seriouslly be profession photo-boothers.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

{amy & nick}

it seems like yesterday amy was one of my campers.  i can hardly believe she is getting married!   i'll admit when i first heard of nick i said, "is is worthy of you?!" 
happy to say that once i met him it was clear ... he loves her and treats her just like she deserves.  it brings tears to my eyes to see her so loved.
i feel so honored to be capturing their day and cannot wait to see them grow together! 
 as you can see they make each other smile - a lot!

to see more of these two lovebirds go here!

{katherine & preston}

we met one day at a starbucks and over coffee they told me their story...
"she did not want to date me... she thought i was a player..." preston said with a grin...
luckily... it did not matter anymore...
 because he had found the girl who would one day be his bride.

for more of these two go here

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

{chrissy & seth} engagement

when it came to winning her heart seth knew the person to talk to... chrissy's mom.   he sat next to her in choir and won her over long before he ever stole her daughter's heart.
he asked for coffee... and she turned him down.   he gave her a raincheck and 8 months later she gave him a chance.  unfortudently seth was far away serving in the military, so they began to talk ... text... and slowly get to know each other.   just when seth was set to come back a hurricane hit and he stayed to help... more hours on the phone let chrissy know that he was it even before he returned to take her for that coffee.... ironically they still have not gone on a offical coffee date.
i cannot wait to capture these two making it offical in june!

SWEETEST story about this ring... seth had been saving for it since high school... be because he knew that one day God would bring him the one.  

{jason & lexi} after i do.

i met lexi when she had over a year to plan her wedding... i can hardly believe it had been one year exactly from their "i do's" when we met up for a shoot... i think marriage suits them perfectly...

oh you two!   it's always a blast!  

{happy first birthday boys!}

meet caleb & enon.    their mommmy called me up to capture them as they turned one... how cute are they?!  i could have snapped pictures all day!