Wednesday, June 26, 2013

{ seth and chrissy }

 when it came to love... seth knew one thing... that someday God would bring him a wife.   so as a teenager he began to save for a ring for his beloved... years later he saw her ... it took awhile (and her mom's help) but eventually she agreed to coffee...  
and before long... that ring was purchased. 

we love our board game nights you two! 


video: l.c. media 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

{ jake & jessica }

once upon a time there was a guy in a bar and there was a girl in that same bar... at the same time... fate right?  only this time not some comical story he would laugh about with friends later or something she would be embarrassed to tell her friends later... this time was different... it turns out that the guy in the bar is just the guy she has needed all along...

the men of the family at their finest. 


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

{ jim & michelle }

within the first couple minutes of talking to michelle and jim  i liked them... alot.   their story was one that made me smile... she worked at the retirement home where his dad stayed and he would always come in and "cause trouble"  years later... it would turn to love... he told her "stick with me and someday i will get you the big one..."  and he did...


venue: club soda

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

{ brandon & lauren }

one of my greatest joys so far in my life is handsdown the summers i spent as a camp counselor... it was a time FULL of fun, laughter, meaningful talks, Jesus time, and so much more.   i am so blessed that i got the opportunity to get to know so many girls in the precious cabin called #15... it is a scared place in my heart and i will cherish the memories we made in it always....  i am so honored that some of those girls stay in touch and continue to share their lives with me... and lucky enough that once again a cabin #15 girl chose me to capture her day... meet lauren and her love brandon.... 

i adore this girl... when she smiles i smile.... this day was FULL of laughter...
 and a couple inappropriate stories that had me shaking my head!