Friday, February 26, 2010

making it you.

this ring shot is one of my favorites i have ever taken, because to anyone but the couple it means nothing... only they know the reason behind setting her ring on the ear of a stuffed animal...and now with you all i share the fact that this animal was the first he ever gave her... special now huh? so i ask you... are you making your life special? your love? your story? stop worrying about how everyone else says things should be... stay true to what God tells you...because how boring would this world be if we were all called to do things the exact same? what will your ring shot be? call my for your appointment today and let me start dreaming up YOUR personal ring shot and along with all your other moments!

Saturday, February 13, 2010


there was a time where i would not have wanted to admit that valentines day made me smile... dream... wonder... because while it did... it also always made me declare "if someone loves me - they will show it everyday, not just on some stupid halmark holiday... " and while i still believe that... a certain manfriend has caused me to cave into that wonder... to smile... giggle even... all i know about my tomorrow is to be prepared for anything... excitment fills my find in wonder of what my boy has waiting for me... i have bought into the day... i bought my first ever valentines day gift for a boy... and celebrate our love we shall... however... come monday... the celebration continues... because while its fun to do something extra special for a day... the best part is knowing that although the halmark holidays are fun... love makes everyday special... and to those of you who still find yourself single tomorrow... hold out hope... i was in your shoes last year... and all i can say is what a difference 365 days make...
and to all remember... while finding someone here on earth is wonderful... our true love is a Father who gave His ONLY son - to win our hearts forever and thats better than ANYTHING halmark will ever make.

Friday, February 12, 2010

brooke and jon wedding.

my favorite of brooke getting ready wish i could take credit for this... but it must go to my wonderful manfriend aka my second shooter...

jon sneaking a peak at his bride.

the story behind this... three sisters... three weddings... one crazy year ...

Monday, February 1, 2010

melissa, rory, gaby, and luke.

over the past couple of months i have gotten to know missy and rory through church and i feel so lucky to have them in my life now! they are some of the most awesome people i know and i was so excited when missy contacted me for a famiy shoot. little did i know she could be a professional model... if any of you need lessons on how to position your shoulders - call this girl...oh gaby and luke - you are too sweet.
oh la la

the two pictures below are just a small glimpse of how much fun we have on shoots

sweet luke.
all fun... thats just how i roll.
can everyone please look at rory? it makes me laugh every time.
beautiful gabs.

missy, rory, gaby, and luke - thank you so much for allowing me to capture this moment in your life- i had a blast and cannot wait for our future shoots together.