Monday, February 1, 2010

melissa, rory, gaby, and luke.

over the past couple of months i have gotten to know missy and rory through church and i feel so lucky to have them in my life now! they are some of the most awesome people i know and i was so excited when missy contacted me for a famiy shoot. little did i know she could be a professional model... if any of you need lessons on how to position your shoulders - call this girl...oh gaby and luke - you are too sweet.
oh la la

the two pictures below are just a small glimpse of how much fun we have on shoots

sweet luke.
all fun... thats just how i roll.
can everyone please look at rory? it makes me laugh every time.
beautiful gabs.

missy, rory, gaby, and luke - thank you so much for allowing me to capture this moment in your life- i had a blast and cannot wait for our future shoots together.

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