Saturday, July 16, 2011

wedding: margaret & anthony

they met on myspace... and soon his space became hers... and hers became his... and the rest of they story will be their's to write.

his first glimpse.

 oh miss margaret... look at you.

flower girl perfection.
 pinky swear.

i wish you two a lifetime of laughter.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

wedding: lexi & jason

it had been over a year in the making... well actually it had been two lifetimes... jason on his road... lexi on hers... until one day when things changed...two roads became one... and life was never the same...

the day began with a lovely tea.

followed by two emotional first looks...sorry al - i just HAD to post these.

he's, always with you jason

 ladies man.

they both could model.

my awesome fiance captured this.  love it.

sooooo jason & lexi.  out of all the shots she'll probably make this her profile picture.

 accident.but if i where them i would put it on canvas.


oh you two.  i cannot believe the wedding has come and gone!  lucky for us it does not mean our friendship has - once things settle down and you two are offically in indiana - we need to FINALLY have that double date!

engagments: alyssa & justin

they met in the place that helps people get connected... but it wasn't frontiers cell phones that got these two talking.  come next september - they'll make the promise to always be each other's companion