Thursday, May 31, 2012

{kelli & fabio}

once upon a time two people an ocean apart met online... and started writing. .. they fell in love..  a couple of airplane rides later... they got engaged... a wedding was planned and all was well.  then everything stopped.  a visa mix up forced them to be an ocean apart once again... but a love like their's prevailed.  they pressed on...and finally a year after their original date, they made it all official.    i love how the pastor put it when he said, "there is nothing more seperating you, " and if you spend 3 minutes with them you know nothing ever will.

these flowers are thanks to forever friends.  check them out!

amazing party.   thanks to the orchid and quatro systems

moh.  this girl should be a professional toast giver.  best toast - ever.

kelli & fabio.  thank you for being such an inspiration to what it means to fight for love.  God's blessings on your forever.


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