Tuesday, October 12, 2010

fort wayne indiana wedding photography ~ anna & kedric : after i do

she is my oldest friend... there are some many memories and countless stories... but what i remember most is how we would always have "pretend husbands" when our families would go out to eat - we'd ask for our own table and then pretend they were with us or if it what a table for two we pretend they were at home with the kids...embarassing i know... but like most little girls we dreamed of our prince charmings and earlier this summer i am happy to report - anna no longer needs a pretend husband... kedric has found her... i was asked to shoot the wedding but i decided to attend as her friend - not her photographer (okay i brought my camera - but i did not shoot the whole thing :-) ) ... however as a wedding gift i shot an after i do session...

gritty... but i like it.

isn't she so pretty?

they are very good at this pose... even better a few inches closer... ;-)

my favorite from the day....

anna - i am so excited for you friend!  God has blessed you with such a wonderful man - who is living and breathing - woo hoo!  i look foward to many more memories together! 
kedric - its so amazing to see God's plan - you have been prayed/wished for since i have known anna (over 20 years!).  i am confident that my friend is in good hands and cannot wait to have lots of game nights with you!

love you both!


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