Monday, October 4, 2010

fort wayne indiana wedding photography ~ jamie & rob

the hint of fall in the air... sun shinning... perfection... their day had finally arrived.  as jamie and rob said their vows and promised forever friends and family looked on with love and a bit of laughter...
rob saw jamie and a stunned looked came on his face as his bride walked towards him ... she she kept her sweet smile on the whole time...

i just love the calm that comes on a bride as the dress is zipped up
a rememberance candle... to remind them of who watched from above

i should rename them my laughing couple

 he is hers. and she is his.  that is all.

jamie and rob - thank you so much for choosing me to capture the tears and laughter!  i hope you two had an amazing honeymoon and look forward to getting updates on your life together!


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