Monday, June 29, 2009

ashley and zach.

this past weekend two friends from college got married... and it was beautiful and silly all at the same time... from ashley's dad's heartful tears as he handed her to zach (but not before handcuffing her to himself - then asking zach to unlock him!!!), zach's word's saying "i love you more today then yesterday, but less than tomorrow", and ashley singing to her groom "i'm not lonley anymore"... these two truly reflect God's love through their love for eachother... i am confident they are going to do amazing things in this world...congrats ashley and zach!!!
so i was not their photographer and i decided that i would leave my camera gear at home - but i could not resist getting some shots with my point and shoot as they walked into married life in a sea of bubbles...

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ashleyg said...

Hey Catie! I love your pictures- I was just skimming through some of your posts. Do you think you could e-mail me these pictures that you took from our wedding?