Wednesday, May 13, 2009

jenna and matt.

want to hear a story? its pretty simple, but sweet. makes you smile.

there once was a girl with a crush. a crush for a boy whom she had known for years. she told someone. who took him to a dance so that her friend could be in the same group as him...then she told another (me!!!) who told him "ask her to senior prom." he did. they then ended up at the same college. the rest is history.

jenna and matt - i love you two! i am so proud to have known you both throughout the years (like 15?!) and to get to see the people you have become. i am so looking forward to hanging with you in th fort! please don't move away!
so ... i was not their offical photographer - but of course i snapped some! here are my favs...

i love this one of jenna... she looks sooo happy... so in love... blissful. adorable little ring bear...

matt's brother's toast.

then it was my baby bro's turn to say a few words (isn't he cute? he's single ladies!)

the poor groom.

this is joy. my bestest's little sis.

the look on jenna's face is priceless here... makes me cry everytime.

so the lighting was a bit weird is this, but i liked it...

ring shot! hope this is what you had in mind jenna!

these three - best friends since the first grade...

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