Saturday, June 4, 2011

wedding day : jess & pete

they call their dog, kitty and their cat, dog.  they laugh...a lot, but they love each other even more. they put family first and on their wedding day, they made their family offical.

our day started at the fab. 5 elements salon & spa 

pete sure knows his bride - there's a kindle in there.
   finally putting on her dress.  she's been counting down the hours all day.

i had a slight love affair with her flowers.

oh t.  how she made us all laugh

... laughs continue... the years of friendship radianted all day

i asked for a pose...

her handsome groom.

 the boys.

moments before she would walk to her husband

okay... i know i normally do not do such poses... but you have to know this wedding party... take a close look  - even the babies followed suit!

kissing is gross!


mr & mrs

staying warm

first dance

okay... you be the judge of who really has this... all i am saying is this REALLY DOES NOT MEAN YOU WILL BE THE NEXT BRIDE - so let little girls dream.


when looking for a mate find someone who:

makes you laugh and loves watching you laugh.

 shares with you

isn't afraid to be silly - but still be nice all at the same time...

 someone who promises to always dance with you...

 and finally ... someone who makes your family complete.

jess & pete - we had a BLAST! !  we pray your life is filled with love and many many blessings!  keep in touch!


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Anonymous said...

Catie you are awesome girl!!! WE LOVE LOVE LOVE the sneak peek of our photos!!!! Can't wait to see the rest of them. Catie are not just a photographer....your a fabulous new friend <3

For all of you future brides.....Catie is the bomb!!! You will not regret hiring her. I will be using Catie for all future events...and I highly recommend you do also!!!