Sunday, October 16, 2011

indiana wedding photography: kelly & garret

you know the person who has been in your class forever?  the one who is not your best friend... but the person who you have seen every school day since you where 3... the one who sat behind you at high school graduation... who you turned to after the tassels where turned and said, "its been a great 15 years."  the one who you know will be there for you in a time of need - even though you have not talked in years?  the person you are always happy to run into when at the super market.  kelly is my person.  since the time of little girl giggles to becoming brides ... she is that person.

and now i am beyond honored to meet her love.  her best friend. her garret.

6 days you two.  i just cannot wait.

the photo above was taken after kelly  gave a lesson on being fierce... it started with "tyra says..."

if only you all could hear this laugh.  

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