Friday, March 9, 2012


somehow... in all the catch up... i missed it.  i missed celebrating my 200th post.  if i was a t.v. show i would be eating cake right now and toasting with my favorite drink.   my husband is bringing me a big glass of ice water as i type and if there is any left he will add some chrystal light to it... for post 300 i will be more prepared.   s'mores and a big glass of milk... maybe even a party hat.

however for post 202.   i simply can only realize what a terrible blogger i still am.  i get caught up.... busy.  lazy... tired... i put blogging off... as much as i would like to think of myself as the carrie bradshaw of photography... i have failed. 

it is two-fold really.  on one hand i am not sorry.  i do not regret not blogging and instead cuddling my new husband while we watch a redbox.  taking a bubble bath. watching my nephews play soccer. being a better friend. 

on the other hand.  i have the wonderful honor of capturing moments in time.  of telling stories.  and it is my duty to share them.

bare with me as i catch up.  keep reading, the stories are just beginning.

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