Wednesday, July 25, 2012

{lucy & kurt}

i met lucy years ago when on a mission trip in vegas.   she was a friend of a friend.  she was beautiful inside and out.  sweet - but had an edge.  you might not guess, but she had also served in the army.  i liked her right away.    months later we would met up in fort wayne so i could capture her baby belly.  it was there i discovered that goldfish crackers work great when it comes to getting older siblings to touch the baby in mommy's belly... life was good.

fast forward a couple years... to our mutual friend's wedding i was capturing.  lucy was back in town... still beautiful...with two growing toddlers.   life was still good... but it had thrown her some curve balls.  yet she took heart and knew that a happy ending was still in her future.   she not only had the loves of her life with her... but she also had faith. ..
  and faith did not disappoint her.

fast forward even more months... i knew through facebook that she had met someone... and that they were engagged.   what i did not expect was an instant message asking me to capture an elopment!  i was so honored to be a part of the surprise.

it took maybe two mintues to see that lucy had found her happy ending in kurt.   the love between them OOOZZZEEDDD out!   i never even had to ask them to kiss for a picture!
it was a beautiful day.

their little ones.   so cute!

lucy & kurt - blessings on your new family!   we cannot wait to watch it grow!

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