Tuesday, October 8, 2013

{ family photos }

they can be the easiest or the absolute HARDEST part of the day.  you do not want to leave anyone out, but do you REALLY need a shot with your mom's second cousin who you have never actually met?   speaking of mom, here and your dad have been divorced for years, yet she refuses to stand next to him for any pictures and no just because it is your wedding day, she is not going to play nice.  then comes the groom's side.  before you know it your head is POUNDING from the combinations that can or cannot be done.  my best advice?   listen to me when i say " I NEED YOUR FAMILY SHOT LIST ! "   

once i get it i am able to then organize it in a way will shock you and make sure the "uncommon" poses do not go overlooked (nope not everyone does a 3 generations picture or pose each individual siblings family group).  this also ensures that moms do not suddenly add poses that get us behind schedule (so make sure she and the new mother in law are  a part of the list making!) 
there is a method to my madness so that i can be quick and possibly even convince mom to stand next to your dad.

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