Thursday, May 15, 2014

{ ryan and april }

their beginning started as most relationships do... they met.  felt a spark. began dating... things went well.  then one day everything changed.
  a state fair.  a collapsed staged.  in a moment that shocked those who saw the video a gust of wind turned a country concert into a nightmare.  in the pit rows from being able to touch the stage april and ryan had arrived late.  only weeks into dating they where unaware of how their lives would change in mere moments. as april told me the story she recalled, "honestly the weather did not seem that bad and then suddenly you saw the stage sway..." she went on to say that in that moment she froze in fear, "all i remember is being picked up and seeing the stage come down five feet from me.  ryan carried me to safety.  told me i would be okay, then went back to help others.  i knew then how special he was."  i have tears in my eyes as i think about these two and the love between them.  out of tragedy came a rare opportunity for april to see the man ryan truly was.  a man who risked his own life for a girl he barley knew.  a man who went back to help others as many ran out.  the kind of man every girl dreams of marrying.  
on a beautiful day in may april did just that. 


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