Friday, May 5, 2017

... welcome to the circle ...

... it's been awhile for this blog....  an embarrassing amount of time... truth be told the only reason i can think of is because it was easier to upload to facebook quick and get on with everything else calling my name... however, i have missed writing.  i have missed it so much.   so i am back.  back to talk about the a big thing for catie's captures photography.   back to write again... so excited to see where all it will lead... but for now the BIG announcement....

a couple of months ago i was taking an online class with katelyn james and said something that clicked with my so much a literally felt a light bulb turn on in my head... she talk about creating a community - not just clients.   HELLO LIGHTBULB .   i thought to myself, "but that is what we do! "   then i thought some more... "but we do not call it anything... we need to call it something... "

so more thinking... then lots of talking with adam...  and then BOOM  the need for a name and my love for alliteration collided ... and thus.... we decided to call our community the catie's captures circle - the C3 for short.   

what all does that mean?   it means that when you chose us as your photographers you are getting so much more than random people who show up on your wedding day and take pictures.   you are getting a wedding comrade (have you noticed yet my love of words that begin with c ?), a new best friend, someone who will answer your questions with honestly, help you through this whole wedding process, put out fires, make the day go smooth, and leave you with images your grandchildren will cherish.   you are no longer just a bride.  you are a C3 bride and once in the circle.   always in the circle.   

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