Saturday, April 4, 2009


its amazing how fast a year goes... looking back on what i was doing exactly one year ago yesterdat, i can hardly believe it has been that long. i rememeber it being a great day. the best day. wearing a perfectly seafoam green sweater. i remember a lunch that left me smiling for days. afterwards heading home to check out a new car with big brother and then taking jon and joe to dinner... i remember todayday... turning 25... i remember thinking that this year was going to be the best year yet... and it was... but it has also been by far the worst year of my whole life... so before i leave 25 (i've technically got a couple more hours.) and embrace 26... i want to remember the good and the bad...and in true shel rockhill style - here's what i remember of 25.
roses from my bestest.
birthday candles.
wishes made.
jon and joe licking my cake.
being sad about being 25.
the final march madness game.
using my new blender.
greta's shower.
dce retreat.
easter at the farm.
falling into a puddle on the way to a race.
cheering at a finish line.
the best movie coming out.
rascal flatts.
baby brother graduating.
a day at the zoo.
going back to az.
climbing bell rock.
seeing old friends.
greta's wedding.
the phone call that changed my family forever.
come to the water.
my co-horts.
spending time in chaska in the summer.
shel's wedding.
the photobooth scandal.
shel's flowers handed to me.
a's sweet words.
the im message that left me crying.
cousins coming to dinner.
the youth rally.
things with family continuing to get worse.
the auction.
eleni and ezekiel getting bapitzed.
time at camp.
thanksgiving in chaska.
learning how to make my favorite dish with teta d.
cards games with jamie and justin.
new years.
sending out a first draft of "moon".
mackentyer james.

okay... so those are some things in order... here are some in no particular order.
catie's captures.
im messages.
lazy days.
new friends.
old friends.
coffee shops.

and so much more...honestly i look back and am so thankful for it all. did 25 look anything like i thought it would? no way. but i am so confident that the Lord is using everything. i look at my family thing and i cannot help but hold onto hope that God will use this. and i know more than ever how lucky i am to have the family i do. because no matter what happens - we have eachother. i look at where i thought a relationship would go - and see God using that to finally get me to finishing writing...i see things at work only pushing me to do things better... i see a photo buisness starting because one person asked me to take a few pictures... i see friends. i see youth. i see so much. my heart all of you who where a part of 25 - does not matter how. if you made me laugh. cried with me. made me cry. backed me up. torn me down... i thank you. as for 26? i have no idea. i learned from 25 not to try and predict anything...all i know is that i am full of hope with the knowledge that its in the Lords hands.

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