Wednesday, April 29, 2009


i remember the first time jenna told me she had a crush on matt - way back in the day (but that story is coming later) ... and i was so honored to shoot her "husbands eyes only" session days before she said, "i do"... her gift to matt. here's a couple of my favorites. the rest - hello! are you here husband?! lets just says he's one lucky guy - because as beautiful as jenna is on the outside - she is even more beautiful on the inside!!!
i love u jenna!

check out those shoes!

my favorite.

for those ladies who are interested in a "husband's eyes only" session, jenna has given me permission to show her entire book if you want to see an end product - so give me a call and we'll book your session!!! and in case you are wondering "husband's eyes only" session can be for anytime - not just for a wedding present!

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