Saturday, December 31, 2011

the best year yet.

i once heard that new year's eve is one of the most hopeful nights of the year.  hope for what is to come.  hope that this year will be better than the last.   the clock strikes twelve and magically the year before is gone with nothing but the future before you.  no looking back.

people take today to look back and remember that good... and the bad.  dare i be like everyone else?  mark this day in the sand, draw my line, and move forward?  today seems like as good a day as any.  to set goals, dream, and plan for 2012.

first a look back. 
 in terms of personal life it has been the best year of my life.  its so girly and cliche but so true - i married my love. 

marriage has been the best & hardest thing i have ever done.  but i am beyond grateful for this man.  he is my teammate, lover, and best friend.  i am so excited for all God's plans for us in the new year.

professionally things have grown more than i never expected.  there were times i wanted to quit.  i made mistakes i could not fix and thought i should walk away.  but then my husband reminded me i was not perfect,  mistakes happen and would continue to happen.  then challenged me to learn from them and move on.  i did and am - everyday.  we captured more weddings/families/seniors/babies/etc. than ever before.  we grew.  got better.  and are currently making plans for a even better 2012... a website.  new booth for trade shows. my plans to blog EVERYDAY... a prayer wall... new printing services... and so much more.  stay tuned.

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