Wednesday, December 7, 2011


there is no excuse.   i am suck a slacker when it comes to blogging this month... the only excuses i have are "i am soooooo busy editing and helping create our new website" and "when i am not editing/working on our new website - i want to cuddle my husband."

call it lame... but thats what i got.   and even though i am in serious need of a nap... i am thankful.  so thankful that last year i shot 5 weddings and this year we shot 18.  it would have been 21 - but i got married in the middle of wedding season (i know i know what was i thinking... i was thinking i did not want to wait another day to be married to adam...) i am thankful for a husband who believes in me so much that he is spending COUNTLESS hours building an AMAZING website.  something he has never done before and is doing from scratch.  i am thankful that God is blessing us with so much work we can hardly keep up.  thankful that we are being forced to form a new battle plan to better serve all the customers who have/are coming our way.  i am thankful for growth and a future that looks brights.  thankful that dreams are becoming reality.

as for blogging i promise to catch up - because there is so much to share!  i also promise that in the new year i plan to make a blogging resolution and keep it. 

like i said on facebook 30 days was not enough to say how thankful i am. a Godly husband.  an amazing family.  awesome friends.  wonderful church.  the best clients.  the list goes on.  so grateful for it all.  for the mistakes i make and get to learn from.  for the hard times that make the good times sweeter.  for love.  for life. for faith.
i am forever grateful.

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